Dangerous Game Hunting

Africa Hunt Lodge offers hunting packages for all Seven (7) of the Dangerous Game you can hunt in Southern Africa.  

Rhino Hunts 
Hunt for Southern White Rhino in South Africa (exportable to the US and abroad).

Cape Buffalo Hunts 
Hunt for South African Cape Buffalo at and near our Lodge in the Limpopo Province.

Elephant Hunts 
We offer Exportable Trophy Bull Elephant Hunts as well as Management Elephant Hunts which are non-exportable trophy hunts.

Crocodile Hunts
Hunt for Trophy Crocodile in South Africa (exportable to the US and abroad).

Hippo Hunts
Hunt for Trophy Hippo in South Africa (exportable to the US and abroad).

Lion Hunts

Leopard Hunts

Africa Hunt Lodge offers Hunts for Dangerous Game both in South Africa and Zimbabwe each year.  Cape Buffalo, Crocodile, Elephant, Hippo, Rhino, and Lion can all be hunted in South Africa.  In Zimbabwe, we hunt all of those species as well as Leopard. 

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