Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Food is served at Africa Hunt Lodge? - We serve 3 meals per day including snacks throughout the day, all traditional South African food. You will not go hungry, we promise! For breakfast, we typically will have eggs, game breakfast sausage or links, bread, tomatoes, and cheese. For Lunch, we typically pack a few sandwiches, burgers, chips, fruit bars, etc and will stop and eat either by a water-hole or under a tree so you do not have to stop hunting. For dinner, you will have a large spread. We try to always prepare your game if requested, so you will probably have some sort of game steak which can be prepared 50 different ways, potatoes, vegetables, dessert, and more. We always have Red and White Wine in stock as well as Beer, Mixed Drinks, Sodas, Water, etc. If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know in advance and we will cater our meals to suit your needs. 

How many sets of clothes should I bring? - You will have daily laundry service while staying at our lodge, so no more than 3-4 sets of safari clothes are needed. 

When is the Hunting Season? - Our busy season is late February until mid-October. The Winter months, when it is most pleasant are from May until early September. We can hunt year-round, but be ready for the heat from late October until late February. 

What is the Success Rate on getting all of the animals I'm after in the Package? - It has happened, though very rare, for a hunting client to not get an opportunity at all of the animals in their package. We scout the game year-round to give our clients a great opportunity to harvest the animals on their list and within their package. Some hunts will require sitting in a blind, stalking, or at night with a spot-light, but we will give you 100% of our efforts to make it happen. 

Can I rent a rifle for my Safari? - About 60% of our clients do this, as they do not want to travel with their own rifle internationally. If you fly through London, which is much cheaper sometimes, then you will not be able to bring a rifle, so this is the best option. We have just about every caliber from .22-250 up to .460, all nice scoped rifles. We charge only $25 per day which includes ammunition. 

Can I change my mind on animals to hunt? - You only pay for the animals you harvest (or wound) at the end of the day. We can change packages to fit your desires or needs, and can also build custom hunting packages for you. If you want to substitute an animal, we can do so, though due to our already discounted packages, we may not apply all 100% of the substitution based on our trophy fees. You might get 80-90% of the value instead. Our 
Trophy fees are current and posted on the website here

How far are the shots? - The average shot with rifle for Plains Game would be under 200 yards. If you are comfortable taking longer shots, that is OK as well, but please practice shooting from sticks and standing up, as this is the scenario most of the time. We will range the animal for you, so you will know the distance.

If Bow Hunting, most of blinds are set up for 20-35 yards shots, next to a water hole. 

How many Hunters can you accommodate? - We do host some large groups of 10-12 hunters, but try to keep the numbers around 6 people at once. We have multiple PH's working for us, so typically you will split up during the day to hunt at different concessions in the area, and then meet up that evening to all sit around the fire and share you stories about the day's hunt. 

Is an Africa Hunt Lodge Safari Fair-chase? - Yes our hunts are fair chase. Though most of South African hunting concessions are high fenced, we hunt large tracks of land, starting at 7,000 acres and as large as 200,000 acres. Most of our land is thick bushveld, and there are animals which we will never see in their lifetimes. These animals are not tame, they are wild. They were born in the concession, therefore know how to hide in that area. South Africa has perimeter fences to keep our Trophy game from leaving our concessions, as well as to keep predators out of our concessions. A Leopard can wipe out an entire herd of Impala or Blesbok in months. Not all of our hunting concessions are high fenced. There are still plenty of game which we will hunt near rivers and mountains such as Hippos, Warthog, Bushpig, Caracal, Klipspringer, etc. 

Is South Africa safe and do we need shots? - South Africa is as safe as anywhere else in the World. We will pick you up at TAMBO International Airport just north of Johannesburg, and escort you to our lodge located approximately 3 hours north near Thabazimbi. This is a quiet town, and our lodge is located in the bush about 20 minutes outside of this town. To date, we have never had an issue with security. No shots are required and the only one we recommend may be Tetanus, which you should keep up to date anywhere. 

How do I get my trophies back home? - We will skin and salt your capes at the lodge free of charge, anyway you like, i.e. Life Size, Shoulder Mount, Rug, etc. A trusted dipping company will come to the lodge to pick up your trophies to dip, boil the skulls, clean horns, crate and process paperwork for export. They will send you an invoice for this 1-2 months later via email. Then the crate is picked up by an export agent, and they will send you a quote for shipping back to your country, typical via Air Freight. It is recommend to have an import agent in your home country to receive this crate with your trophies, and then they can either forward on to your taxidermist, or send directly to your home via Ground freight. We recommend Well Worldwide Energy Logistics in Houston, TX as an import agent, and we can get you a deal on taxidermy at Wildlife Market Taxidermy in Texas if convenient for you. 

How much is airfare to South Africa? - During the busy season, May to early August, Airfare from the United States typically runs from $1400 to $2400 round trip economy, depending on whether you fly direct or through Europe. Outside of this time, you can find it as low as $1200. If traveling from the US, we recommend Delta Airlines direct from Atlanta to Jo'burg, 15 hour flight. Visit to find the best rates for all airlines, and if you like, we can assist with this process as well. If taking a rifle, do not go through London, and you might have to obtain additional rifle permits if you fly through Germany or Amsterdam. 

What Caliber and Firearm do you recommend? - You are allowed to bring 2 guns per hunter of different caliber, and up to 200 rounds of ammunition per rifle. If you are hunting dangerous game, you must have a .375 minimum. For Plains Game, we recommend a 300 mag or similar. Ammunition we prefer would be Nosler Bonded or Barnes Triple X. 

What is your policy on Wounded Game? - If you hit the animal, you will pay for it. Our PH's are excellent on determining whether an animal was wounded. This is their job, and we will spend hours, and sometimes days attempting to recover your animal. The most common species to be wounded are Waterbuck and Kudu. They typically are hunted in very thick bush, and can be difficult to get a quick shot on which is necessary most of the time. Shot placement is important. If you listen to your PH, and hit them in the correct spot, they will die. 

Will my phone work and do you have WIFI? - Mobile Phone (Call your service provider before you leave to make sure you have international service. We do have WIFI at the lodge, but it can be intermittent (this is Africa). Your mobile phone will work in most areas, but we encourage you to turn-off your data, so you are not billed at data rates which can be excessive.

What do I need to bring with me for a Safari with Africa Hunt Lodge? - Please visit our 
Safari Checklist on a different page of the Africa Hunt Lodge website Here

What is the process to import a Firearm into South Africa?
Rifle Regulations can be found on a different page of the Africa Hunt Lodge website Here.

What is the currency of South Africa? - South African Rand is the currency. As of early 2019, the currency trades near 14 Rand per 1 USD. You can check the current currency rate online here

Will someone meet me at the Airport? - We will be waiting outside of Customs for you once you pick up your baggage. Look for a person holding a sign with your name on it! If you brought a rifle with you, we will then take you to the South Africa Police station to pick that up next. 

Will we have an opportunity to purchase souvenirs? - Yes, as time permits during your time with us, we can go to some shops in Thabazimbi to purchase items ranging from Warthog tusk keychains, to lead wood sculptures, jewelry, and clothes. There are also some awesome shops at the exit terminal at TAMBO Airport where I'm sure you will spend some money. 

Are there any other excursions or sight-seeing opportunities near the Lodge? - Yes, we can arrange day trips to destinations such as Pilansberg National Park where you will have the opportunity to see Elephants, Rhino, Hippo, Giraffe, etc. Just add on another day to your trip to take advantage of this opportunity, normal daily rates apply. Also, we have a predator park at Marakele National Park to view the big Cats. Your trip with us begins and ends with us in Johannesburg, so if you would like to fly elsewhere after your hunt, we can assist with that as well. 

When Do I pay the balance on the Hunt and What do I tip the staff? - We will typically provide you with a final invoice the evening before you depart for home. Any deposits you've made previously will be applied, and you can either pay your balance in USD or RAND Cash, Traveller's Checks, or Credit Card. There is a 4% fee to be charged when using a credit card. Gratuities are not mandatory, but they are typically expected on an African Safari. Ten Percent, 10% is the standard gratuity to be divided amongst your Professional Hunter, Cook, Cleaners, Skinners and Trackers. 

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