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Africa Hunt Lodge allows the opportunity to hunt and harvest South African Elephant from March until November. Southern Africa is the premier destination in the World to hunt the Elephant, with populations in South Africa, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe nearly a half a million. We offer hunts for awesome Trophy Elephant where you can expect to harvest a 30-60 pound Elephant within a 10 day hunt.

Current Zimbabwe Elephant Hunt Special!

One of our Experienced and Licensed Professional Hunters will be your guide during your Elephant Hunt, and you will hunt spot and stalk tactics along with safari stlye. We can accommodate rifle or archery for an elephant hunt. 

We also offer Unexportable Elephant Hunts, called Ration Hunts, where the meat, skin, skull and tusks all go to the locals...you will have the experience of the hunt, photos, and the opportunity to score the elephant for SCI and TGR Scoring systems. 

The Elephant which we hunt on our South Africa Concessions, near Kruger National Park, are all of trophy caliber for South Africa. We can also hunt in Namibia, Mozambique or Zimbabwe, depending on the Elephant Hunt you are booking. Prior to your hunt, it is recommended that you submit a request for you CITIES permit to USFW to import your trophy, if you are hunting a trophy exportable elephant. 

Elephant Trophy Fees

  • Unexportable Trophy Elephant fee in Zimbabwe: $22,000
  • Exportable Trophy Elephant ( 40 to 60lbs ) Zimbabwe: $35,000
  • Trophy Fees are in addition to daily fees which covers All-Inclusive Hunt Package. Daily fees:
  • 1 Hunter/ 1 PH - $345 per hunter per day
  • 2 Hunters/ 1 PH - $295 per hunter per day
  • Bow Hunter/ 1 PH - $345 per hunter per day
  • Observer Fees - $150 per person per day

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