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Ostrich Fees

Trophy Fee...……

  • $650

Daily Rate...……

  • 1 Hunter/ 1 PH - $345 per hunter per day
  • 2 Hunters/ 1 PH - $295 per hunter per day
  • Bow Hunter/ 1 PH - $345 per hunter per day
  • Observer Fees - $150 per person per day

Africa Hunt Lodge allows the opportunity to hunt and harvest the South African Ostrich. The Limpopo Province of South Africa is the premier destination in the World to hunt the Ostrich. There are no seasonal restrictions on hunting the Ostrich in South Africa, which makes it a suitable trophy year round. 

Our hunters typically hunt the South African Ostrich in conjunction with a 7-10 day African Safari. One of our Experienced and Licensed Professional Hunters will be your guide during your Ostrich Hunt. We typically hunt Ostrich Safari Style, Spot and Stalk, or by Still Hunting if you are a Bow Hunter. We can accommodate all methods of Hunting for Ostrich including Rifle, Bow, Black Powder, Crossbow or Handgun. We can accommodate hunters of any age and experience level. 

The Ostrich which we hunt on our South Africa Concession are the biggest and most beautiful in the World. 
Our Tannery in South Africa can also tan your Ostrich skins any color for you to make hand made cowboy boots upon your return home.  Other options for mounting Ostrich include Shoulder Mounts, Life Size mounts, Ostrich Foot ashtrays, Book Ends, and more. 

The ostrich, (Struthio camelus) is the largest bird and is native to Africa.

What do Ostrich look like:

Ostriches are the largest livings birds, with males reaching heights of up to 9 feet and weighing 220 to 290 pounds. Females are just slightly smaller. Ostriches have a long and slender neck with a small head. They have fluffy feathers that are generally dark and grey-brown. Their long and powerful legs have two toes on each foot, with a large sharp claw used for defense.

Ostrich Habitat:

Ostriches are found in the grasslands, savannas, and scrublands of south and east Africa. They can also be found surviving in deserts or open woodlands.

Ostrich Behavior:

Ostriches are social birds that live in flocks. Their flocks can range from having a few individuals to over 100 birds. Flocks usually have a dominant male and female who protect the group. Ostriches have several defense mechanisms to help them from predators. They can run up to 45 miles per hour and use their powerful kicks that can be lethal to predators.

Ostrich Diet:

Ostriches are primarily herbivorous, feeding on grasses, seeds, leaves, flowers, roots, and sometimes small insects and mammals. They spend most of their daytime in search for food. 

Ostrich Reproduction:

During breeding season, males will make dancing displays and calls to attract females. The females will lay their eggs in communal nests, which are often just shallow holes in the ground. Multiple females lay eggs in the nest, and a dominant male will guard it during the day while females guard at night. The eggs will be incubated for about two months, and then the young is cared for by both male and female.

2021 Trophy Ostrich Hunt
2021 Trophy Ostrich Hunt
July 2022 Trophy Ostrich Hunt
July 2022 Trophy Ostrich Hunt

Focus on Hunting, Not Just Logistics

We create amazing hunting experiences, with key services included in our fee.

The Hunting product that we offer to our clients is the best in the world. We specialize in Trophy Animals, including many World Record class African Game including Kudu, Cape Buffalo, Sable, Blesbok, Wildebeest, the Big 5 and much more. 

We plan the hunt to suit the requirements of our clients, with a large variety of game that is available. Our trophy hunting rates include professional hunter services, care of trophies and delivery to taxidermy, transfers from Johannesburg International Airport, as well as a memorable stay in one of our 4 or 5 Star South African Hunting lodges. Non-hunting guests are welcome to accompany the Hunters. 

Included with Package

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • 1st Class Accommodations on our South African Concession

  • Guided and Licensed Professional Hunter for your Hunt

  • Services of Trackers, Drivers and Skinners

  • Hunting License and Permits

  • Beer, Wine, Non-Alcoholic Drinks

  • Daily maid and laundry services

  • Care of your trophies to include Capping and transportation to Taxidermist for Export

Package Options

  • Additional Hunting for other Game Animals

  • Extra Nights at the Hunt Lodge with Family and Guests

  • Fishing and Bird Hunting

  • Trips to Pilanesberg and Marakele National Parks for Photo Safaris

  • Pick up/Drop off from Johannesburg (Tambo) Airport $250

  • Additional Safari Excursions in our Area

  • Visits to Local Orphanage