Rhinoceros Hunting

Hunt White Rhino with us in South Africa - Fully Exportable!
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Rhinoceros Fees

Trophy Fees...……

  • White Rhinoceros Green Hunt - $10,500
  • White Rhinoceros up to 22" - $29,000
  • White Rhinoceros up to 26" - $55,000
  • White Rhinoceros up to 30" - $100,000

Africa Hunt Lodge is pleased to offer Hunts and Green Hunts for the majestic Southern White Rhino. Our Rhino Concession is story of success. With over 250 Rhinos on a 20,000 Hectare concession in South Africa, our numbers are growing each year.  On a Rhino hunt in South Africa, you will see many Rhino and have multiple choices.  

Our hunters typically hunt White Rhinoceros in conjunction of a 7-10 day African Safari. One of our Experienced and Licensed Professional Hunters will be your guide during your Rhino Hunt, and you will hunt spot and stalk getting within 40 yards from them at times. We can accommodate Rifle hunting for the White Rhinoceros.

The White Rhinoceros which we hunt on our South Africa Concessions are all of trophy caliber. Currently, these White Rhinoceros we hunt, are fully exportable to the United States, and can also be exported elsewhere in the World. 

Our Rhino Green Hunts will also be exciting and you will be able to measure and score this Rhino for the record books as well.  Accompanied by a veterinarian and staff, you will spot and stalk Rhino on foot, getting just meters away, before you tranquilize the massive Rhino with medication and a sedative. Once the animal is sedated, you will have photo opportunities, while the technicians check the vitals of the animal, take samples for the Rhino Registry, and then release the animal.  

Where does the money go when hunting Rhino with Africa Hunt Lodge?
- Ninety 90% of the trophy fee to harvest a Rhino at our concession in South Africa goes to further propagate the species as well as protection from poachers
- The concessions where our Rhinos are maintained, protected and breeding requires hundreds of thousands of US Dollars each year in protection from Poachers
- In a drought condition, which Southern Africa experiences more often than not, we must supplement quality feed for the Rhino herds which runs nearly $1 Million US Dollars per year

How many Rhino do you shoot at Africa Hunt Lodge?
- Our Rhino concession breeds hundreds of Rhinos...in fact, there are over 75 births each year
- With over 75 births each year, we harvest less than 10 Rhino each year for hunting purposes.
- We do not shoot cows or young Rhinos...we only hunt post-mature males which have done their part in conservation by breeding for many years, and are determined to be no longer breeding or kicked out of the herd.

There are many different kinds of Rhinoceroses, but the most common in Limpopo is the southern white rhino. The southern white rhinoceroses (Ceratotherium simum simum) are a subspecies of white rhinoceros native to southern Africa.

What do Rhino look like:

Southern white rhinos are large and heavy, weighing up to 6,000 pounds! They have wide square shaped mouths that are designed for grazing on grasses. They have two horns on their snouts, the front open being longer than the rear one. The horns are made of keratin, which is what makes up human hair and nails. 

Rhino Habitat:

Nearly 99% of southern white rhinos live in the savannas of Kenya, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. But the majority are all in South Africa. Overall they favor flatland terrains with lots of bushes. 

Rhino Diet:

Southern white rhinos are herbivores, feeding primarily on grasses. They ar known to feed for several hours a day. When they graze they ingest seeds, move around their home, and spread the seeds through their dung. 

Rhino Behavior:

Southern white rhinos are social animals and are found in groups called crashes. A crash consists of several females and their offspring, led by a dominant male. They communicate with vocalizations, body language, and scent marking. 

Rhino Reproduction:

Females start reproducing between ages 4 and 5, but males do not reach this point until about 10 years of age. A single calf is born after 16 months. The mother will then nurse her calf for up to one year, although gradual weaning begins naturally after the first few months.

Focus on Hunting, Not Just Logistics

We create amazing hunting experiences, with key services included in our fee.

The Hunting product that we offer to our clients is the best in the world. We specialize in Trophy Animals, including many World Record class African Game including Kudu, Cape Buffalo, Sable, Blesbok, Wildebeest, the Big 5 and much more. 

We plan the hunt to suit the requirements of our clients, with a large variety of game that is available. Our trophy hunting rates include professional hunter services, care of trophies and delivery to taxidermy, transfers from Johannesburg International Airport, as well as a memorable stay in one of our 4 or 5 Star South African Hunting lodges. Non-hunting guests are welcome to accompany the Hunters. 

Included with Package

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • 1st Class Accommodations on our South African Concession

  • Guided and Licensed Professional Hunter for your Hunt

  • Services of Trackers, Drivers and Skinners

  • Hunting License and Permits

  • Beer, Wine, Non-Alcoholic Drinks

  • Daily maid and laundry services

  • Care of your trophies to include Capping and transportation to Taxidermist for Export

Package Options

  • Additional Hunting for other Game Animals

  • Extra Nights at the Hunt Lodge with Family and Guests

  • Fishing and Bird Hunting

  • Trips to Pilanesberg and Marakele National Parks for Photo Safaris

  • Pick up/Drop off from Johannesburg (Tambo) Airport $250

  • Additional Safari Excursions in our Area

  • Visits to Local Orphanage